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Another top10 approach

An example for this top10 approach you will find on the weather site.

As a variation to existing top10 lists, I wrote a small program (in C) which reads dayfile.txt from Cumulus once per day just after midnight and for selected measurements it creates a sorted top10-list. From that list it creates a HTML-table and writes that to a text-file. That file can be included by the user on a website wherever he wants simply by a PHP-include (which is the easy way to include I think).

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25 July 2019 – Another memorable day

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the high temperatures in the Netherlands and the breaking of all existing temperature records. Today it continued and for the first time ever, temperature in the Netherlands rose above 40 °C. First time ever means since formal measurement began in 1901 and even since historical measurement series spanning almost 300 years.

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