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Air Quality sensors on the Raspberry Pi

On the 7th of April 2020 I wrote about the Website Generator of CumulusUtils. That appeared to be somewhat bigger than I expected, simply because it was about a full blown website with users interacting. And interaction generates comments. All has now stabilised and CumulusUtils works fine. 

Meanwhile, on the background I had been working on a project to get going with air quality sensors like the PMS1003 ($14,20 at AliExpress) or similar cheap serial devices. In the back of my head always has been the creation of a multi sensor ‘sniffing’-centre to get a complete overview of the local airquality. Something worthwhile: I grew up in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam/Pernis an area known for its bad air and now I live south of Delfzijl, a small harbour in the North  of the Netherlands with relative big industry area. 30 km North from there there are two large coal power plants and smog condition occur several times per year, though not often.

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On the programming of CumulusUtils (2)


More than 6 months ago, I wrote a blog  on the how and why of the programming of CumulusUtils. It is time to do that again because in 6 months, over the winter and now deep into the Corona Virus crisis, a lot has happened with CumulusUtils. When I wrote the first blog, it was mainly about the inspiration and development of pwsFWI. And it still is the most important module of the whole program (at least, it is for  me). But while working on pwsFWI and seeing where it was deployed  triggered something. Beside having the pwsFWI, one needs to think about the weather. It is not just a black box, it is about understanding the weather and it’s effect on vegetation and animals (including humans). To understand the weather you need to look at the parameters, the measurements. Continue reading

PWS – Calibrations: UT330C

For amateur meteorologists it is not always easy to calibrate their equipment, unless you yourself are working at a meteorological service or know people who do, it can be difficult to get the readouts correct within the limits of error of the weather station. I described this already a short time ago.

The UT330C

So now I have this new UT330C. I bought it in China and it arrived pretty fast (11 days). It measures temperature, humidity and pressure within reasonable error limits: Continue reading