On this blog, I will report irregularly of events concerning the weather station (technical and environmental), of local meteorology (especially exceptional events) and of internet-driftwood concerning climatology. Nature fire warning systems have my special attention because of its relation with about everything I ever did in my life. In this context I developed my pwsFWI, Fire Weather Index for personal weather stations.

The site consists of two parts: 1) the weather site with the actual and historical weather data (since 11 june 2019) and 2) this blog which I started in Dutch. After two posts, I changed to English because my first serious topic was about Fire Weather Indices. Interest for which is mainly outside The Netherlands. The two parts of the site point to each other and are connected.

I am past 60 now and it becomes time to pick up, and maybe connect, some loose ends. My background is in forestry (University Wageningen 1984) and chemistry (HTS Hengelo 1978) and a professional career in ICT after which I dwelled for 10 years in the tourist industry. Those loose ends are [study of] meteorology, climatology and the relation of those with forestry and ecology. My specialisation in Wageningen was forest ecology and forest inventory 1 with a general background in agriculture,meteorology and the cycles in nature (minerals, CO2 etc.). Chemistry gave me a mathematical and physics background which still is of great use to me. My ICT experience still gives me the pleasure to setup and maintain such a Personal Weather Station (PWS) with accompanying blog. You will find some related  programming excercises here, the most important being pwsFWI, published through cumulusutils on the Cumulus Support Forum.

The pwsFWI is designed for Personal Weather Stations (PWSs) to behave on local meteorology, with a validity range which varies because of that locality. In mountainous areas it may vary from one valley to another, on flat, hilly, or low mountainous inland area, the range may extend to 200 km.

Maybe you will find something of interest on this site.

1] Two studies: 1) Theorie t.a.v. kap bij kleinschalig Bosbeheer en 2) Geschiedenis, biomassa en structuur van enige Elzenbossen, wilgen-,gagel- en kruipwilgstruwelen in Drenthe (together with Theo Meeuwissen). (translated titles: 1) Theory with respect to harvest in small scale forestry and 2) History, biomass and structure of some Alder forests, Willow-, Creeping Willow and Candleberry shrubs.)

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