24 july 2019 – A memorable day

It was a memorable day from a local meteorological point of view and this will continue until Saturday if the predictions are right. But because already many records were broken I make a note.

First I’ll show the general weather overview of Western Europe with pressure and (sea)temperature as supplied by Windy.com (with the ECMWF model layer).

190724 weerbeeld om 19u30

weerbeeld om 19u30 (klik om te vergroten)

At 11h30 the temperature rose above 30 °C, rose to its maximum of 35.9 °C at 16h30 and started to decline seriously at 19h00. Humidity fell to 35%. These are conditions unheard of in the Netherlands. The temperature curve until 20h00 shows as follows.

190724 temperatuurontwikkeling

Temperature development at De Wilgen (note: history of 2 days)

Apart from breaking a record for this PWS De Wilgen, which was easy because I have been measuring now only for 6 weeks, many records of the official KNMI stations were also broken, as was the record for the highest temperature recorded in the Netherlands. And that is an event! The official station in De Bilt broke its temperature record as well.

Records official stations KNMI

Record in De Bilt

You can search all records for all official KNMI stations here (the link has the date 24 July, there is no filter for the year).

These are the highest temperatures recorded in the Netherlands ever (since measurements started). And tomorrow this may probably happen again, I will inform you with a short additional note. 

You may be interested in the series on Sargasso.nl by Steeph. You may also want to follow @Datagraver on site, especially the Climate graphs Netherlands and hist page with Well known climate data sets visualized and allways updated. He also regularly publishes the graph of record count on twitter. General news on the records here.

Summer is not over yet.
We live in interesting times.

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