Sites which carry the Fire Weather Index pwsFWI

  • HansR 

The first phase of the development of the pwsFWI, the Fire Weather Index, especially designed for personal weather stations, has almost come to completion and I am happy to make a blog, where I will report the links to the sites which carry the index.

This message will be updated with new sites when I hear from siteowners they installed CumulusUtils and run a pwsFWI page. It will act as a library for the participating sites. Please, do not hesitate to ask questions or install the tool yourself (distributed here). Today, with increasing temperatures everywhere, even the polar circle area has become a Fire Risk Area. Distributed tools on personal weather stations may play a significant role in this for warning and analysis. PwsFWI has shown it can be useful during its first trials.

List of pages

  1. De Wilgen – Groningen NL. My own weathersite, base of pwsFWI.
  2. Phil’s Backyard – Australia, very high FWI, high fire risk area from spring to autumn;
  3. Pogoda, Niesiołowice – Poland 20 km SW of Gdansk, seasonal risk spring to autumn;
  4. Weatherstation ‘t Zandt – Groningen NL 20 km N of my own station, hardly any risk (and hardly any forest);
  5. Meteo Sangonera – 10 km SW of Murcia in Spain, high risk area, forests hill areas close by;
  6. San Sebastian – Arriola Meteo – San Sebastian in Spain, low risk area with 1300 mm rainfall/year;
  7. Segur-le-Chateau – Roughly 50 km SE of Limoges, medium to low risk area. Densely forested;
  8. Komoka Weather – Canada, Ontario. Halfway between Lake Eerie and Lake Huron. Low risk area.
  9. Tilburg-Reeshof – Brabant NL, suburban station surrounded by forested area’s. Low risk area.

I hope to expand the list with many interesting sites, distributed over world.
New sites are always welcome, please contact me if you wish to participate as tester.

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