For more information, you can send an email to: Hans Rottier.

About this station

Since the beginning of June 2019 the weather station is active. The site will gradually contain better and more extensive information. Apart from that, Hans Rottier is the developer of the pwsFWI, a Fire Weather Index specifically for personal weather stations.

The station uses a DAVIS Vantage PRO2+ weatherstation. The data on this site are produced by Cumulus. The station contains an anemometer, a rainmeter, a thermo-hydro sensor and a barometer. In addition solar radiation and UV-intensity is measured. The station is locaed on the north side of Wagenborgen. Unfortunately, the location is not yet optimal and may change in future.

The realtime data of the station are passed on with a 5 minute frequency, to Weather Underground (, Windy ( and the KNMI through the MetOffice of the UK (, which passes it on the KNMI (

The current classification of the station according to the KNMI is:

Location 2
Temperature D
Rain measurement D
Wind measurement U
Urban character 7
Reporting C

Main components

About this Website

This website is the result of a chain of pieces of equipment and software, which measure the weather, work and rework the data and ultimately send it to this website. The data are almost real-time and will be refreshed every 30 seconds. Of all information of which the origin is not explicitely the weatherstation, its origin will be explictely indicated.

Steve Loft, the original author of Cumulus, who when he retired made the software available to the community. The Software is now managed by Mark Crossley and is available through the wiki and the forum.

Ken True of driving force behind the website template.

For a complete history of the templates (by, en I would like to point to the closing statement of Ken True's weatherstation description. That page contains also a fine description of development, hardware and software, of his station. Very educational for everybody who wishes to start a weatherstation.

For this website were also important: the scripts of Murry Conarroe of Wildwood Weather for the NOAA presentatie, the scripts by Mark Crossley (Steelseries gauges) and the work of Silver Acorn Weather in New Zealand for the graphs. Graphs are based on the original Cumulus graphs, tweaked by myself to adapt for my website.

External sites are used for weather warnings ( and for UV predictions ( The general weather forecast comes from