Summer is over

You know it is coming, the end of summer, but where I live it usually comes slowly and somewhere end of October you know it is gone. Not this year. This year it was in an instant, well, we may have some nice weather in October of course, but the end was there. And I will show you with some graphs.

On the days before the 29th, it was already increasingly bad with relatively high temperatures. It’s autumn, but because the temperatures remain high, you still have some hope. And then, though not unannounced, the barometer began to fall and went down to 990. That usually means a lot of wind, a cold front and rain. And that was correct. But no matter how interesting the weather, you go to bed and only the following morning you see the  graphs. Yes it can be worse, but still, a nice combination of everything we can measure. Look at the following graphs and I hope you enjoy as much as I did. The day after, we had a lot of bright sunny spells, a lot of wind, and tomorrow another nice front passing by. These are good times for the weather amateur (keep the mouse on the pictures to show additional info).

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